Rooster Express, Inc.Staff
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Barb McCauley – President and co-founder
Several decades ago, a friend of Barb's said to her "Come and work with me in trucking. It'll be fun!"  Amazingly, they're still friends. Not so amazing – the friend left trucking years ago. Barb's still in trucking, still having fun, and still doesn't have the sense God gave a grasshopper, obviously.
Tony Swope – Operations manager and co-owner
Selling ArsenalProfessional hero. Saves small towns from the forces of evil in his spare time. Works 24 hours. Well... not in a row. But sometimes several hours one right after the other. Customers love him, carriers love him. We're confused.
Sandi Harmon
Sandi is basically just there for decoration. We just like to have her around. Really. The several hundred checks she writes every month and all that nonsense that goes with it – well, just icing on the cake. Oh – and the carrier files. She maintains a few thousand carrier files. Payables. Yeah she does the payables. And the filing. Oh, and answers the phone. Oh, and she orders the office supplies. Well actually she does all the collections too... and logs in the receivables, and files those, and takes care of the mail and matches all the bills to their loads... Like I said – she's basically there for decoration. That and all the work.
Linda Israelson
Linda is in operations working with Tony. One day, Tony was wingin’ it, workin’ without a net, having it all his way............... and the next – there was Linda. She fluttered down like a little butterfly, an angel as it were, and proceeded to do things CORRECTLY. Carriers, customers, Tony – do not mess with Linda. Linda comes to us with years of experience in transportation - briefly interrupted by a vacation in the health care industry. I think that’s where she gets that “bend over” line when she’s rating freight. Yo! Transportation! Sheeeee’s back!
Irene DeVivo

Irene joined Rooster Express in November of 1998. I knew her for maybe a half dozen years before that. She was a pretty good worker. During those 9 years she did take several long weekends – with me in Vegas, and even a vacation when she went to Italy with Frannie. The rest of the time she was there in the office. She yelled at our customers, swore at the carriers, and generally berated everyone she came in contact with - and she was adored. Loud?? She was loud. She was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think during one of her average phone calls. She drank too much, she smoked too much, she had a potty mouth that scared truck drivers. And she was adored. She made her friends, her family, and all children and animals her business, and 100% of her amazing energy was devoted to taking care of business. Whether the house, the office at Rooster, the parakeets, the cars, her nieces and nephews, her customers, or her parents – there was very little that was too much work for her. I was privileged to know this remarkable lady. Rooster was honored to be considered a small piece of her business.

My brother said to me, "You are required to work until the day is done, but you are not required to till the whole field."

Early in the morning on Friday, January 4th, 2008 Irene finally decided she had put in a good days work.

Oh – and Irene – I found all those pens you had stashed in your desk.