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Rooster Express offers a full range of third party truck brokerage services. Our OPS staff has the experience to help you with all your shipping needs, including:

  • Truckload
  • LTL (Less Than Truckload)
  • Air Freight
  • Expedited (Hot Shots)
  • Intermodal

Our deeply discounted LTL contracts with major LTL Carriers provide service coverage over 48 states and the relationships we've developed with our Truckload Carriers allow us to secure a truck for you quickly, dependably, and economically. Our job is to know the best, most economical way to get your freight from point A to point B and that knowledge comes from years of hands on experience dealing with every kind of freight under every kind of condition.


After over 20 years of brokering, the vast store of carriers in our database allows us access to a huge variety of equipment. Combined with our excellent credit rating it adds up to choices for us, and hence for our customers, that are unavailable to brokers new in the business or not as reputable. We maintain carrier files for the protection of our customers, and constantly strive to update our database to maintain the overall quality of the carriers we use. The array of actual equipment includes standard trailers such as 53' Vans and 48' Vans, Air-Ride Vans and Logistics Trailers. We have access to Flatbeds, Drop deck flats, Reefers, and even Straight Trucks for smaller or Hot Shot shipments. With enough time we're sure someone we know has the equipment you need.


When you've got something to ship – whether Truckload, Less Than Truckload, a regular Scheduled Shipment, or a One-Time deal – you need to know what your total cost will be.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-466-3755, or use our on-line RATE REQUEST FORM and we'll call you.


With all the Air Freight we move we've learned the importance of tracking and tracing. In addition to knowing when a shipment is delivering, we've learned that a myriad of problems can be avoided for our customers with the proper amount of tracking. Again, our experience ensures we ask the right questions to get answers we need. Prompt communication with our customers at a level they're comfortable with helps them to know that they are in control of their freight.In addition, for regular customers we have an On-Line Tracking program to save time. Go right to YOUR shipments to check their status. Remember, it’s about making your job easier.


Rooster Express prides itself on over 20 years of referrals. Our attention to detail and willingness to do whatever it takes for each and every customer have been the hallmarks of Rooster Express Service since its inception in 1992.